Bomb Diving Air Marine bomber camo Cargo jacket

So i decided to dismantle my brass Hashishin MJ bowl i bought at a headshop in Manhattan in 1992 when a art student in nearby NJ- i have had donations of skunky herbs and inncence globs, about a couple gram of each since mind May. I had been straight two days or less. What had happened i had started using it to take away chamber and bowl and leave just the mouthpiece on the pipe core, like to put broken off filter cigs in the end when i was outta ciggies and did that then. Well scraping a bowl after 10 grams is black gold but here we are talking 4. Both herb and incense. Equal of both. Of the two i liked the skunk best – very toasty and welcome back feeling, connecting the real you. As it works, the incence tar was a standard mellower affair. The last mild coaster buzz is polluted with baccy and running resin, so its kind of sharper, yet fuzzier. I hope to connect more and relax. I am listening to Mixed Up by The Cure. This after their Blood Flowers and Dream 4:13 albums. I got to say its a band i abandoned liking 20 years ago and i am investing in some real CDs not just my mp3 discography thats lingered in the shadow of my Sisters Of Mercy silver CD pressed bootlegs have on Discogs, i must have 25 boots, 5 EPs, 3 or 4 vinyl 7″, about 40 mp3 boots and a dozen Sisters CDR shows. But its not depressing. Its all Rob Tyner bomber Army IRA camo diver jacket and Scandinavian leather being denim. Docs? Yes i wear them at the Funerals and other public places if i wanna dress like A) confused Napalm Death delinquent or B) Doc. Goth at the doctors appointment, i have two, Benjamin and Marianne.C) Next time i will use Cloud Dragon shoepolish so i can be a proper Punk or Skin. Like Nik would say, “well I am a bit of a A) Legend B) Star C) Spirit… if you picked A) you were right B) you are talking about Christian Mumford now, C) Spirit Of The Age, Bob Calvert. Not An Imitation from New York made from Cheese and Chalk.

I am not an imiation of myself. I am mastering mirror and shadow enemies. Brahman, Dragon and Shiva, King of Dharma, becoming of the Brahman. As a Dark Brahman (Chaos, Scaldic, Vedic) i am coming as last of my Tribe, from the future. I am broadcasting New Wave back to 1980. When you dont see me… is if you dont hear me. The Hawkwind projects, i try connect with a good smoke to all ye Hawklawds and Spacerock ppl. Thanks for Spaceley and may he and i collaborate on a new Guld release i may pray. There are rumours i am not FAMOUS enough to be a Superstar from an old friend. If hippies or obscure darkwave or Spacerock Trekkies actually dont need to be famous on TV or in the papers, they are like Inner circle anyway. We shoot famous people. Full of PCP and heroin.


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