Digital Camera Here are some of my late 90s Acrylic paintings, about 4 of these were printed as covers and sold in Newsstands and comic stores here in Norway 1997-2010, one was used on Aural Innovations zine in 1999, the two on the bottom are unused anywhere. Maybe the two bottom ones could grace a Legendary Pink Dots cover on a 7″ a LP or a CD/CD-R. With those i was trying for a Frans Wiedeberg celestial thing, finer art than Pythonic monstrosities of Nirvana, alien Heavens Gate comix, Brainstorm purple brains or Hawkwind astronauts or Odin Tree gazing into galaxies from grassy mushroom fairy worlds. I havent painted in any medium for a good 20 years and have a newer brush & ink drawing comic i submitted for a Legendary Pink Dots book being assembled in the year 2525 if man is still alive. I also had a comic gag strip printed in the 2015 12 disc box set “Sannhet På Boks” by the punk band RAGA ROCKERS from Oslo. In the strip i hinted at the song “Ole & Ali” was lifted musically from the riff of Hawkwind’s song “QUARK, STRANGENESS & CHARM”. The bottom pieces are “The Superheroes Battle For The End of The Universe” and “The Escape of The Replicant From Green DNA Cave”.


ABOVE: Two “finer art than low brow outsider comix artwork” pieces in mixed oils and acrylics, 1995. On the right i painted on a ink Rorschach on paper which i folded and glued onto the cardboard, in water oils and opaque Acrylic making a subconscious Alchemical Mind/Spirit Process/Angel Working/Symbolic Transmogrification type of “Heaven-psyche-mind-spirit-Hell chart”. It is called “IN THE WOMB OF LUCIFER” and it was used as the front cover art for the CHURCH OF HED CD “Electric Sepulcher” two years ago, availible from Eternity’s Jest label. The other dude, the green one on the left, is my sleep Apnea demon, an evil spirit who used to haunt me falling asleep since i was 13 and is called “INCUBUS WAITING”. Unused, water oils and acrylics on comics backing board pasted on another board the as the red-black “frame”. The piece to the right is the wallpaper here at Storm Lodge Memoirs WordPress site, and was used for the CD front cover art for CHURCH OF HED’s “Electric Sepulcher” on Eternity’s Jest Records in 2015, painted 1995. The one on the left is unused but like the other hangs framed in my apartment in sunny seaside Vollen outside Oslo and its infamous Fjord. I am leaving any one to use it for a CD cover or a book Jacket, maybe something on Psychology or Anything, as long as i am credited and rewarded to some degree. All images (c) Copyright 1972-2017 Christian Eric Bjaanæs Mumford.



GHOST RIDER SKULL was painted in acrylics on Animation Transparancy over X-Ray image of my mother’s Skull. Then pasted onto paper. (C) Copyright Christian Eric Bjaanæs Mumford 1996.

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