The Bottom Line could be THIS, if even VdGG’s Peter Hammill is best on his own, without A Plague Of Godbluffing Pawn Heart Attacks In Still Life, so are all of us, indeed alone. But does that mean we need to masturbate too?

Seeing and Hearing how Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots interviewed Peter Hammill for dutch radio in 1994, an interview which can be found in its audio form elsewhere at The Storm Lodge Memoirs wordpress site Archives, here, two articles below is an oddly northern take on the oddball-ish skool of review-technically-offish-yob of Peter’s latest effort on his own “From The Trees”. Whereas VdGG’s latest “Do Not Disturb” is a mish mash of avantistic nowhere experiments with one or two okay songs (Alfa Berlina is decent), In My Humblest of Opinions, “Alt” was a dying random hiccup from a semi stillborn winged creature that fell from The Sky, mayhap a Rocs nest or a cuckoo, “A Grounding In Numbers” was a strong yes a VERY strong VdGG record, “Tri Sector” abit of a muddle meddle of progism-unartists-gone-experimentally-bad-accident but beyond this “From The Trees” showcase Hammill is best on his own these days… or so the reviewer muses inimately in poetic nuevo-vedic-hippie-lingo of yore…. back in the early 70s it was all outer space, prophecies of evil and a touch of bliss in heaven gone haywire in Hell, and witchcraft trial gone Kafka-1984 improv with VdGG… now the Fantasy is inward and even more magical, courtesy of “our” man PH… Banton, Jackson and Evans were the band but they at their best were VdGG, while PH at his best is just PH.
This post was delayed over a week. Its a lovely album, right off the bat, all through the first spin, start to finish, naked and sparse. I identify with everything Peter sings here, peeling layers of his usual ghost like raspy lyrics and chorusing layered with gentle acoustics… and its Totally “van”. Check out the Norwegian language review of “FROM THE TREES” if ye dare, it is below, one further down, down with the old men. In a coffin. Alone. Dead.

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