O Great Brahman Om Shivaya He who is born as Hindu and dies as Hindu and is born Hindu again.

I am Temple Legendary Pink Goth. I have to meditate alot, otherwise i am screwed. I am into Brahmanism as a Hindu from birth (Brahman in the previous life) and Western Hermeticism, Chaos Magick and Odinism, and the Planets of Islam (and Islam Demonism, djinns, Arabian Temple Knights). I have a Worpress site called Storm Losjens Memoarer (Storm Lodge Memoars) dedicated to Kali Magick. We are in Kali Yuga the Age of Quarrell that lasts 50 000 years i think. Kali is Patron goddess of Doom and Vampirism. If you are a Goth especially if you are bothered by spirits that visit, think someone is controlling your mind or stolen thoughts you might be a open Temple. To be Temple is a state where it is open or closed as worship and can be “robbed” (i.e. what psychology call “thought theft”, like magpies). Being Temple, i have lost alot, learned alot, in a state of constant flux on the Edge of Time (like Warrior on The Edge of Time album by Hawkwind… The Only Ones by Hawklords…) I have that and have to meditate to start tp hear voices as well. Its been 2 years total silence so i have to make due without audio. I get Angel visitations all the time, they are bullies and i am not a believer in God or his Seraphs. If God exists i would rather serve Satan. Angels are like the two first Sabbath albums with Dio “Smokin Angels (Heaven And Hell)” and “Mob Rules”… basically i need to learn how to close my chakras and close my temple in general. I cannot be a temple whore or a Temple urchin or a Temple Totem all my life. I wear a silver Thors mallet and a silver Christian saint from 1200s in Norway and a Wiccan Pentagram. Like Ofra Haza in Temple of Love, i only have one voice, that i was Jim Morrison (who was Brahman like Jimmy Page or many others in the 60s were Gandhi) in the last life. I have studied Tibetan Book Of The Dead and learned i am Shiva (Rudra) King of Dharma. This book is early Bön culture guide to traversing the Bardo the river between the living to the world of dead and how to find a proper womb and good caste to come back with… I have bought some Aleister Crowley books and Egyptian Book of The Dead but have yet to read those. Angels inside me makes it hard to read or deep study or even sleep. Hail Goths. Kali Doom. Kali Magick.


Post Script:

If everyone in the 60s from The Beatles to Airplane and Elektra label roster all were masquerading in a game of peace and love Gandhi wise, and Jim Morrison was Gandhi as a Brahman that would be me. Jimi and Syd were also Brahman, a power trio Spaghetti Western style.

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