“MISSION STATEMENT: Itiniary action of an “Esoteric Lodge” email list much like the mystics in Order Temple Orientis or Dragon Rouge did. We have focus on The Brisingamens function in preserving the home, and the heritage of The Ages and Ultima Thule life and preservation of Scandinavian style/model of working socialism about equal rights, without the politics. First off, myself being a Starseed of Hawkwind and Ladbroke Grove culture, growing up as a Deadhead type blessed freak and a holy cannabis type life since childhood as a temple street urchin in “Oslo Shangri La” in the 70s & 80s, i feel it is our mission. DODMS is tied to my blog at The Storm Lodge Memoirs. Suburban goths in focus may arrive at the Lodge functions as a Temple Brahmanist “red cross”” type emergency healing place for outcasts and stray goths being psychically destroyed by the criminal Psychiatry which denies mystics and clauradients and other hidden knowledge with Freud, instead of sanctuary. We dont believe in Monkey science of Freud or Darwin. We smoke herbs of healing instead. First off i am starting with invitations to powerful mystics i know as people and friends, with member requests being added. It will first off be loosely knit with no formalities and updates of activities will be posted at the Storm Lodge Memoirs blog. Hope you as a creative arts friend and Mystic as yourself join in the The Dawn of Discordian Millenial Starseeds… basically i am asking ONLY permission to put you on the DODMS mailing list, with formalities arriving down the road later. ” REQUEST TO JOIN: Send email to ROYALISTRADIO AT HOTMAIL DOT COM “Request To Join” in header.

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